Dami Primary School

The Opportunity

Dami Primary in Somaliland started at an IDP (internally displaced people) Camp. Most of the residents are Somali. They either lost their homes or moved to Hargeisa from Mogadishu to escape the fighting. Some are from other countries like Yemen. The city has grown so the camp is now on the edge of the city.

Monthly tuition is 20,000 Somaliland Shilling or $2.35
(8,500 shilling = $1)

Most students are absent because parents can’t pay this amount.

Two hundred are refugee students without uniforms… so they do not attend

Student/Teacher Information

Total number of students: 600 (211 girls; 389 boys)
Total number of teachers: 16
Education level of teachers:
Degree holder – 1
Diploma and Secondary Certificate – 15


The school is in really bad condition.

  • Main gate is broken, fence is cracking and becoming a risk to students
  • Principal’s office floors and walls of classrooms are cracking
  • Inadequate number of desks and many are broken (donated by UNICEF)
  • The school has only one Janitor. It is difficult for her to clean all the school every day. Her salary is only $40. If we start with another full-time (2 total) and one half-time, the cost would the $100 per month 

Garbage in front of and around the school comes from the community. It is disposed after the watchman goes homes at midnight. A security light would be helpful in discouraging this practice. Education of the community will also help.


Facilitate teacher training program.

Provide teaching aids, reference books, pen/pencils, colors, uniforms, etc.

Currently, the teachers are getting monthly salary of 900,000 Somaliland shillings ($106) from the government. They need a salary of $150-200 per month.

Establish a scholarship program based on consistent attendance, acceptable classroom learning, and service projects such as helping clean the school and area around the school. 
Scholarship for one student = $2.50 per month

Install security lights for safety.