Arro-Malko Primary School


Innovative Humanitarian Solutions will construct a primary school facility that will make possible a life-changing contribution to Arro-Malko Village and will address gender disparity through improvement of educational facilities.

Somaliland has many problems that are common in developing countries. One of the problems is “information poverty” which means the lack of education and training for large numbers of the citizens. One of the aims of education is to address the problem of “information poverty.” This education must start with the provision of basic education for all ages and all demographics. Education is an investment in human capital that serves as the basis for all other disciplines and for all areas of life.

Arro-Malko Village

Arro-Malko is a village located in the southern part of Gabile Region in Somaliland. It is ten kilometers from Gabile City and is one of the villages with the greatest need for a primary school. To understand the need for quality education, one must understand the current socio-economic conditions of the village and its surrounding area.

Most citizens of Somaliland have been adversely affected since the armed conflict with Somalia began. Somaliland finally declared independence from Somalia in 1989. There is a functioning government administration though it has not yet received international recognition. According to UNCU/UN-OCHA SOMALIA, the Somaliland area has better security conditions than any other part of Somalia.

The economy in the Gabile region and the Arro-Malko area is based prominently on farming. The farms are very basic and the people in that area are mostly poor. And this is one of the reasons Arro-Malko and surrounding villages have no quality educational facilities and therefore no opportunity for a quality education. 

The total estimated population size of the area of Arro-Malko Village is between 1,500 and 1,900. Local residents realized the need for quality education, so they constructed the temporary school of iron sheets and wooden poles. Two classrooms provide for about 85 students who are taught by two teachers.

Expected Outcomes of the Project

The expected outcome of this project is that more than 200 students from the Arro-Malko and other three villages will be able to attend school, many for the first time ever. The availability of up-to-date quality educational methods and improved school facilities are major factors that ensure success.

In addition, the following outcomes are expected:

  • The Arro-Malko community, who showed their motivation to send their children to school by building a temporary iron sheet two-classroom facility and send their children for the primary education. They will be even more motivated if they have a quality school facility near them.
  • The government will benefit in the implementation of its educational policy in terms of quality teaching-learning process.
  • The Arro-Malko community will benefit in their battle against poverty.

The project funds to build the Arro-Malko school are provided by American donors through Innovative Humanitarian Solutions to provide educational opportunities in memory of Mr. Will McDowell. The family and friends of Mr. McDowell believe this is an opportunity to provide a lasting memory of Mr. McDowell, his love for education and his love for sports. It is their desire that students be encouraged to get a good education and invest their lives in helping others.

Students and teachers in front of the temporary classroom.

The new Arro-Malko school construction funded by generous American donors through Innovative Humanitarian Solutions in memory of Mr. Will McDowell.

The Somaliland V. Minister of Education, Mr. Abihakim Said Musa, Mayor of Gabile and MP attend the Arro-Malko School Foundation Ceremony, which is the beginning of the construction of a primary school building in January 2022 with plans to complete the project in March 2022.

The Ministry of Education Coordinator promised that all necessary educational materials will be given to the school after the completion of the school construction. The vice minister also expressed his appreciation for Innovative Humanitarian Solutions who is providing this educational opportunity.